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New Hidden Object Games - December 2023

This December, GameFools has introduced a variety of captivating new Hidden Object Games, each offering a unique blend of storytelling, puzzles, and adventure. Let's dive into the highlights of these games:

Royal Romances: The Power of Chosen One: In this game, you're drawn into a magical story of love and resilience. The game begins with a reunion with Prince Henry, but tranquility is short-lived as danger looms with the return of the antagonist, Ida. She is more determined than ever to exploit the power of the chosen one. The game takes you through an enchanted forest filled with allies like the Great Ent, a settlement of fairies, and ancient creatures. Your task is to uncover hidden objects that are crucial to stopping Ida's evil plans and restoring peace to the kingdom​​.

Myth or Reality: Mystery of the Lake: This game immerses you in the mystery of the Loch Ness Monster. As a celebrated writer, you visit the Loch-Ness Hotel amidst reports of monster attacks. The game sets you in a backdrop of Scottish history and charm, as you explore rooms filled with intriguing trinkets. Your goal is to unravel one of the greatest myths, with each discovery leading you closer to the truth or potential danger​​.

Shopping Clutter 25: Strawberry Thanksgiving: This heartwarming game features Uncle Turkey, a benevolent principal, planning a Thanksgiving celebration for children in need. However, a key element is missing - your expertise in decluttering and organizing. The game offers 140 puzzles and 20 additional challenges. Your role is pivotal in ensuring the success of the event, blending puzzle-solving with a story of kindness and giving​​.

Gloomy Tales: One Way Ticket: This game starts with a Halloween party at a historic mansion, which turns into a nightmare when a monstrous entity abducts your friend, Millie. Guided by Professor Power and his sister Astra, and aided by a friendly ghost named Faceless, you embark on a mission to rescue Millie. This journey takes you through the world of the dead, filled with mysteries and challenges that require courage and wit. The game promises an emotional rollercoaster and suspenseful adventure​​.

Each of these games offers a unique experience, from magical forests and mythical legends to heartwarming stories and chilling adventures, ensuring players are thoroughly engaged and entertained.


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